Matchstick Mosaics

The latest look to come out of Europe, matchstick mosaics are made from small pieces of different coloured marbles glued together.  You need to specify the colour combination (for example Matchstick 12) and advise the size that suits your project (for example, 1.5 metres long by 1.2 metres high).Please note the maximum dimension in length and height for marble matchstick is 1.5m  The end result is a truly stunning feature perfect for today's contemporary homes.  The price is not for the faint hearted as this is a hand made product from Europe.  This also means that this product will never be seen en masse.

Rain 07
Wallpaper 01
Wallpaper 04
Wallpaper 08
Wallpaper 11
Wallpaper 12 MMLE


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