Stacked Stone is a popular choice around swimming pools for featured walls. It is also used extensively as a feature for both internal and external wall cladding. It is available in a range of sizes and formats. Our range is constantly being expanded and updated to reflect the latest design trends.

Stacked Stone - 550 x 150mm (Maximum thickness is 25mm)

SS015 Charcoal $70.00/m2 SS020 Frosted Ice $70.00/m2
SS005 Almond $70.00/m2 SS010 Gold $70.00/m2
SS002 Sunset $70.00/m2 SS017 Black Quartzite $100.00/m2
SS025 Tiger Skin $70.00/m2
*Check stock availability
SS019 Black Granite $100.00/m2
*Check stock availability
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Fine Stacked Stone - 400 x 100mm (Maximum thickness is 25mm)

SS105 Silver Black Fine $100.00/m2 SS110 Frosted Ice Fine $100.00/m2
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Contempo - 350 x 180mm (Maximum thickness is 25mm)

SS 300 Natural Blend $70.00/m2 SS315 Gold $70/m2
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Rustic - 560 x 152mm (Maximum thickness is 35mm)

SS410 Almond $100/m2 SS415 Grey $100/m2

SS420 Multi $100/m2  
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Grand Ledger - 670 x 1000mm (Maximum thickness is 25mm)
Perfect for large walls. This product is supplied in kits that cover 1 metre high x 670mm long. The ultimate in flexible walling. Grand Ledger allows you to create a look that best suits your setting. Lay the pieces in layers of the same heights for a contemporary look. Or mix and match the heights to break up the layers. You can also choose to have all the vertical joints lining up or not. A further variation can be achieved by cutting the lenght down into random lengths.
SS200 Grey $46.90/kit  
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Wall Capping
Dark Grey Granite wall capping  (600x260x30mm) Available in all other granite colours.
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Granite Walling  
Half Planed 600x300mm
(Thickness is 25mm)
Grooved Honed 600x300mm
(Thickness is 10mm)
Grooved Polished 600x300mm
(Thickness is 10mm)
Honed Mosaics 48x23mm
(Sheet size is 300x300mm, thickness is 10mm)
Stacked Mosaics
(Sheet size is 300x300mm, thickness is 10mm)
Travertine Walling  
Travertine Stacked Mosaics (Ephesus)
Travertine Ashlar Mosaics (Rome) 305x305x10mm
Travertine Stacked Mosaics (Athens)
Travertine Stacked Mosaics (Napoli) 302x304x10mm





Disclaimer: The colours shown here should be used as a guide only. All computer monitors vary and hence the colours will vary depending on the monitor on which they are viewed. For a more accurate indication of colours, ask your pool builder to show you tile samples.

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