Coping and Paving Stones - The Natural Alternative

Natural stone will enhance your project aesthetically while providing high performance and low maintenance. Natural stone offers permanence and elegance to modern construction, just as it has throughout the ages. The Pool Tile Company offers a broad range of natural stone to be used as paving stones and coping such as granite tiles, quartzite, travertine tiles, Himalayan quartz, Silver Marble, Oasis Marble , Nuvola Marble and Crema Limestone, Dune Limestone. These stones are very durable and will stand the test of time. They are suitable to be used around swimming pools and for general outdoor paving.

The natural stone products offered by the Pool Tile Company are very affordable. The lowest cost is Himalayan quartz in a 'Natural' finish. Our granite tiles, quartzite, limestone and travertine tiles are mid price range. Marble is often the most expensive. By choosing natural paving stones you will be adding value to your project well in excess of its cost.

The choice of which natural stone to use normally comes down to an aesthetic decision. Clients who prefer colour variation in natural stone usually like 'Natural' Himalayan quartz, quartzite and travertine. Clients who prefer a more uniform colour usually like granite tiles, or 'Honed' Himalayan quartz. Another important factor influencing the choice of natural paving stones is the colour scheme for the project. For example, if you plan to utilize grey tones for your paving, the choice could be narrowed down further to silver travertine, silver marble or granite tiles. Alternatively, if you favour warmer tones, your choice would be between Himalayan quartz, quartzite, limestone, travertine and almond granite.

Most of the paving stones we offer are available in a range of tile sizes and coping options. For example, most coping is available in traditional bullnose profiles as well as square edge profiles for more modern settings. Custom sizes can be ordered to suit individual requirements. We also import stone grate, wall capping, wall cladding, cobbles and garden edging. You can be sure to find a suitable choice for your project.

Almond paving stones pool
Light Grey Granite paving stones pool
Natural Himalayan Quartz paving stones pool
The warm tones of Almond Granite make this stone one of our most popular with clients.
This pool is fully tiled in CM104 Anthracite 48mm ceramic mosaics.
Light Grey Granite is a popular choice for pool copings and surround paving.
CM120 Black 58mm ceramic mosaics have been used on the waterline for step markers.
Natural Himalayan Quartz is a low cost option with colour variation from tile to tile.
This pool is fully tiled in CM148 Pacific Blue 58mm ceramic mosaics
Black Granite outdoor paving stones
Silver Marble outdoor paving stones
Grey Gum Quartzite paving stones pool
Custom Black Granite Square Edge Step Treads 600Lx340Wx20mm with matching 600Lx150Wx20mm risers were used to match tiles for a seamless look. The classic, stylish look of honed Silver Marble 610x610mm tiles provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. Grey Gum Quartzite has been used on the coping and surround paving.


Disclaimer: The colours shown here should be used as a guide only. All computer monitors vary and hence the colours will vary depending on the monitor on which they are viewed. For a more accurate indication of colours, ask your pool builder to show you tile samples.

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