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Porcelain Tile Care

Sweeping, hosing or cleaning with dishwashing detergent is usually all that is needed to keep your exterior porcelain tiles looking fabulous. Sometimes marks may occur which are more difficult to lift.

Stubborn foot traffic and general soiling may require soaking the tiles with soapy water before scrubbing.

For rust marks use oxalic acid which is readily available from hardware stores, then follow the instructions on the label.

For organic stains like pollen, leaves or bark, liquid chlorine or household bleach are the best plan of attack and are also easily purchased. Dilute them 50/50 with water and wet the stains, leave for 5 minutes then rinse with clean water. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, as well as timber and garden plants.

Porcelain tiles DO NOT need sealing due to having little to no porosity. However, some people choose to seal their porcelain. Please ensure you use an appropriate ‘porcelain specific’ penetrating sealer as topical sealers will discolour and peel away.

High pressure hosing (water-blasting) is not detrimental to porcelain tiles but it is not recommended as it will compromise the grout between tiles and make grout porous and stain easily.

If you have any questions regarding the cleaning or sealing of your porcelain tiles, please call John from Stone Clean and Seal on 0400 828 785.

Download our Safety Data Sheet here.

Wow, porcelain tiles (see below) are stunning when used around a tropical styled pool!

Please see more photos of Pool Tile Company’s exclusive Venus porcelain pavers as well as coping options.

Venus Porcelain pool coping and surround tiles