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Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Ceramic mosaic tiles

Aquabella Ceramic Mosaic Pool Tiles

Ranging from cool icy shades to deep electric blues, light aquas to rich forest greens, pale grey blues to dark denim hues.

From gloss turquoise tones to matte blacks, vibrant block colours to intriguing blends that can create the illusion of movement as light hits the pool water.

With the Aquabella collection by The Pool Tile Company, the colour spectrum, choices and combinations really are endless.

Your swimming pool is a blank canvas ready to become the statement that takes your outdoor area to the next level.

The Aquabella collection offers a broad spectrum of achievable end-styles at a moderate price. Browse our beautifully curated collection and create the perfect waterline tile feature or fully tile your pool for a more luxurious, premium feel.

With the largest selection of ceramic mosaic pool tiles in Australia, The Pool Tile Company is the obvious choice for your pool project.

We also stock a range of white ceramic corners and edge pieces, perfect for swimming pool steps and benches. They work well with other colours and camouflage joints perfectly.

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