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Himalayan Sandstone Sandstone is a very popular choice for pool coping and pool surrounds and the Pool Tile Company offers our best sandstone pool tile which we call Himalayan.

We stock the standard sized paving tiles including 400 x 400mm and 600 x 600mm.

There is a range of bullnose options available to suit pool copings and surround steps. Both the tiles and bullnoses are calibrated for thickness. If our standard sizes don’t suit, you can have Himalayan Sandstone cut to just about any size that you need if you allow up to eight to ten weeks from the time of order.

The ‘naturally split’ surface also called a ‘natural finish’ offers colour variation, great slip resistance and hides marks well. We import the ‘light blend’ colour as standard as we have found that our clients like less colour variation than the standard ‘Tinted Mint’.  The surface finish is  smooth to the touch.



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