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Discontinued Product Request

Thanks for visiting The Pool Tile Company online!

You may have been redirected here from a free sample request from a product that is no longer offered for sale.

In that case we humbly apologise for the inconvenience it may have caused you.

When popular products become unavailable then no-one is happy, we would like to keep selling them and our customers would like to keep buying them.

In some cases, the quarry from which the stone is extracted strikes a seam that has an imperfection and the stone is no longer desirable, as was the case with our famously popular “Black Granite” from the 2010s.

In other cases the supplier just stops manufacturing the mosaic tile or they cannot supply us with large enough quantities.

Whatever the reason we are sorry we can no longer get our hands on the product you were interested in.

We invite you to look through our website to find alternatives, remembering that we will send you up to 5 mosaic tile samples and 3 stone tile or porcelain tile samples or 2 stacked stone samples for your consideration.

We are sure you will find something that you like from our massive range of mosaic pool tiles and poolside paving tiles.

Whether you are after:

You will find it here!

What about Porcelain tiles? We have the latest, most fashionable styles available including:

The Pool Tile Company employs and trains staff who are interested in providing a high level of customer service.

Please make an enquiry to find out if they live up to our goal of excellence in customer service.

We wish you Good luck and happy hunting!