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Waterline Tile Gallery

Pools with Waterline Tiles and Step Marker Tiles

Waterline tiles protect the pool’s waterline from the sun and facilitate easy cleaning.
There are three ways to best utilise waterline tiles depending on the look you hope to achieve.
Firstly, choose a contrasting darker colour for a dramatic look. For example, sometimes people choose a dark blue to contrast with the light blue water colour. Often our customers and their designers choose colours such as black or dark grey to match their houses trim colours.
Secondly, choose a waterline tile to blend with the water colour, so the border (waterline) tiles don’t stand out too much.
Thirdly, choose a tile colour to match the pool coping colour, giving the effect of solid stone around the edge of the pool.

Step markers are used to indicate the edge of steps, swim outs and benches. They are also a safety feature as they help to highlight the depth of the water to bathers when entering or leaving the pool. It is up to you whether you use them or not. Normally, the same tile is used for step marker tiles and waterline tiles so as to minimise the number of colour and design elements. For example, when using 20mm glass mosaics as waterline tiles then two rows of the same glass mosaics are commonly used as step markers.

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