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HIDE Drain Cover Linear

HIDE Drain Cover Linear

Discreet stainless steel stone/tile drain cover available for all popular stone thicknesses. (12, 20, 30mm)

  • Compatible with Everhard (ED) or Reln (SM) channel
  • (ED & SM channel not included)
  • Easily Removed Modular lengths @ 1210mm
  • Cover Depths to suit 10, 20 & 30mm tile or stone
  • Adjustable height & clearances
  • Centralising Tabs; A world first in design
  • 90º Mitred corner kit option
  • Inlay with your selected surface finish
  • 10 year warranty
  • Flexible installation features
  • No equipotentially bonding required
  • Adjust modular lengths to tile widths, S/S Cutting disc included

One ‘Finishing Kit’ is required per project. Each Finishing kit includes a lifting/tab key, one stain steel cutting disc & two ‘End Caps’. End caps are a finishing detail for both ends of an installed cover or specify additional end caps for a modular layout.

TIP: You will only need one ‘Key Hole’ per multiple channel cover (not every length) as the remaining covers can be lifted once the first length is removed with the key. Also, use the supplied key to bend down the ‘Tabs’, a handy dual-purpose tool.

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