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Linen Travertine

Linen Travertine

This natural off-white classic travertine tile evokes the desire to gaze upon it’s beauty and the desire to touch its smooth, cool surface. Reminiscent of a gorgeous bride in her off-white wedding dress. Natural, light, elegant and cool. This bride, however, can party on a Saturday night and rock up to church on Sunday.
She can cope with the realities of this messy life but still look serene, chic and pristine. Linen Travertine, like the bride, has it all! The love is real!

Linen Travertine has 2 coping profile options:

Natural EdgeRaw and natural with a very slight tumbled edge
Machined Square EdgeThe top and bottom of the natural edge are machined into a smoother square edge.

Also see detailed coping profiles and sizes for Linen Travertine.

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Requires sealing. Seal with penetrating sealer to make cleaning easier. Use pH neutral cleaners. Do not use acid to clean.
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Delivery available Australia wide.
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