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Natural Himalayan Sandstone – Limited Availability

Natural Himalayan Sandstone – Limited Availability

The variation in colours and textures are just so good looking.

The raw cowboy of the stone world, does the job and looks damn fine doing it! Rugged and ready to please! Giddy up!

Natural Himalayan Sandstone is rustic with strong variations in colour and smoothness from tile to tile. With a blend of green, grey, cream, brown and orange tones, you will be able to match this stone to any colours around your home.

The surface is naturally split along veins giving an uneven texture which is particularly desirable for many of our past customers.

Also see detailed coping profiles and sizes for Natural Himalayan Sandstone.

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Himalayan Sandstone is hard but porous making it more susceptible to mould and marking. It is cool underfoot and very slip resistant. Thickness variation is present as the surface is split. A grout joint of around 10mm is recommended as variation in dimensions is not uncommon. Seal with a penetrating, consolidating sealer to make cleaning easier and reduce the effect of salt attack. Do not use strong acid to clean. When choosing a natural stone coping around your pool, it is imperative to keep your water level at least 75mm from the bottom of the coping edge. This is especially true if you have a salt water pool! If the water is too close to your natural stone, the salt can be drawn up by the sun through the stone causing salt attack. If you don’t have an overflow valve/pipe you need to reduce your water levels manually. In addition to the correct water levels being adhered to, coping pieces should be sealed, within a few weeks of the pool being filled with water, using a ‘consolidating sealer’ and then a ‘penetrating sealer’, as per professional advice and manufacturer recommendations.
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Delivery available Australia wide.
Contact us for quoting and delivery information.

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