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Nimbus Granite Coping

Nimbus Granite Coping

Coping profiles and sizes

GBN40242Bullnose (Profile 18)400L x 240W x 20mm
GBN40402Bullnose (Profile 6)400L x 400W x 20mm
GBN60402Bullnose (Profile 64)600L x 400W x 20mm
GBREN40402Bullnose Radius External corner (100mm rounded edge) (Profile 60)400L x 400W x 20mm
GSN40402Square Edge Coping (Profile 13)400L x 400W x 20mm
GSREN40402Square Edge Radius Ext. corner(100mm rounded edge) (Profile 50)400L x 400W x 20mm
GRSN40404/2Rebated Square Edge (Profile 11)400L x 400W x 40/20mm
GRSN60404/2Rebated Square Edge (Profile 12)600L x 400W x 40/20mm
GRSN404010/2Rebated Square Edge (Profile 39)400L x 400W x 100/20mm

Custom sizes can also be supplied to your requirements.

Product Specifications
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Minimal. Seal with penetrating sealer to make cleaning easier.
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Delivery available Australia wide.
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