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Parisian Blue Limestone Coping

Parisian Blue Limestone Coping

Coping profiles and sizes

LBPB40242Bullnose (Profile 18)400L x 240W x 20mm
LBPB40402Bullnose (Profile 6)400L x 400W x 20mm
LBEPB40402Bullnose External Corner (Bullnosed on 2 adjoining sides) (Profile 42)400L x 400W x 20mm
LBREPB40402Bullnose Radius External corner (100mm rounded edge) (Profile 60)400L x 400W x 20mm
LRBPB40404/2Rebated Bullnose (Profile 1)400L x 400W x 40/20mm
LSPB40402Square Edge Coping (Profile 13)400L x 400W x 20mm
LSREPB40402Square Edge Radius Ext. corner (100mm rounded edge) (Profile 50)400L x 400W x 20mm
LRSPB40404/2Rebated Square Edge (Profile 11)400L x 400W x 40/20mm
LRSPB60404/2Rebated Square Edge (Profile 12)600L x 400W x 40/20mm

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Product Specifications
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Requires sealing with a penetrating sealer to make cleaning easier. Use a pH neutral cleaner such as detergent and avoid acids in cleaning. Seal with a highlighting sealer to darken and increase contrast. When choosing a natural stone coping around your pool, it is imperative to keep your water level at least 75mm from the bottom of the coping edge. This is especially true if you have a salt water pool! If the water is too close to your natural stone, the salt can be drawn up by the sun through the stone causing salt attack. If you don’t have an overflow valve/pipe you need to reduce your water levels manually. In addition to the correct water levels being adhered to, coping pieces should be sealed using a 'penetrating sealer' within a few weeks of the pool being filled with water, as per professional advice and manufacturer recommendations.
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