GC460 Dark Blue Blend glass mosaic pool tile
NameDark Blue Blend
DescriptionSock it to 'em with this mosaic tile! It is made up of a striking blend of mid blue, dark sky blue and navy blue glass mosaics. It has clout as a waterline tile being able to coordinate with a range of blue water colours from light blues to very dark blue. With lighter blue water it will be a forceful smack of colour, framing the pool's waterline and with mid to dark water will provide contrast and variability but with a little less force.
To fully tile in Dark Blue Blend will produce a pool with a wallop of vivid blues and a pool of authority.
Dark Blue Blend is alive and kicking!
Tile Size20 x 20 x 4mm
Sheet Size327 x 327 x 4mm
AvailabilityIn Stock
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