Step Tread Pool Tiles

Step tread or step marker tiles are used on the edge of steps in swimming pools to indicate to the swimmer where to put their feet.

The Pool Tile Company supplies non-slip (P5) porcelain step tread tiles for both domestic and commercial swimming pools in a range of colours. A P5 (V) pendulum classification, (AS 4586) “New surfaces” is the highest wet pendulum classification available under the current standards. For pool surrounds, a minimum of P4 is required.

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Curved step edges

CMC600 White Internal Corner
White Internal Corner $18/each
CMC600 White External Corner
White External Corner $15/each
CMC095 White External Corner
White Step Edges $12/strip
(6pcs per strip; strip size 300x50mm)
Ceramic White Edges
Ceramic Corners

Step Tread Tiles - Length x width x depth = 150 x 75 x 12mm

Charcoal Step Tread
White Step Tread

Click here to see more step marker tile ideas with many examples of step markers in place in swimming pools.

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