Stone Grate - Granite

Why use Stone Grate? Can be used with the matching granite tile colour for a seamless look. It is often a very economical choice (compared to stainless steel) with a far superior look than plastic.
Colour range Almond; Black; Dark Grey; Honey ; Light Grey; Mushroom; Sandwave
Properties Dense and durable, makes it strong and less likely to stain. Cool underfoot. Slip resistant.
Maintenance Minimal. Seal with penetrating sealer to make cleaning easier.
Relative Pricing Economical - similar to the cost of plastic grate.
Sizes and options Standard size is 600x225x30mm.
AvailabilityIn Stock
Custom Orders Choose your own size, profile and surface finish - allow 8-12 weeks from order

Almond Granite Pool Grate

Black Granite Pool Grate

Dark Grey Granite Pool Grate

Honey Granite Pool Grate

Light Grey Granite Pool Grate

Mushroom Granite Pool Grate

Sandwave Granite Pool Grate

The Light Grey Granite Grate has been used with the matching
600 x 600mm Light Grey Granite tiles for a seamless look.

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