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Standard Pool Coping Profiles

Diagram showing Stocked Pool Coping Profiles

The Pool Tile Company stocks Australia’s largest range of specialty pool coping which are available in a wide range of sizes and profiles and stone types.

The coping profiles and sizes we have available will depend on the natural stone tile that you select for your swimming pool.

Our stocked pool coping profiles include bullnose, rebated bullnose, square edge, rebated square edge and Grande square edge which are all designed to complement the aesthetics of your pool project.

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Pool Coping Profiles

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Granite Coping

Almond Granite Coping profiles
Almond Granite
Dark Grey Granite Coping profiles
Dark Grey Granite
Light Grey Granite Coping profiles
Light Grey Granite
Mushroom Granite Coping profiles
Mushroom Granite
Sandwave Granite Coping profiles
Sandwave Granite
Nimbus Granite Coping profiles
Nimbus Granite


Travertine Coping

Travertine Macadamia Honed Unfilled Coping profiles
Travertine Linen Tumbled Unfilled Coping profiles
Travertine Silver Coping profiles
Travertine Ivory Unfilled Coping profiles
Cashew Travertine Coping profiles

Limestone Coping

Parisian Blue Limestone Coping Profiles
Parisian Blue 'Sandblasted'
Dune Limestone Coping Profiles
Dune 'Tumbled'
Noosa Shore Limestone Coping Profiles
Noosa Shore 'Tumbled'

Himalayan Sandstone Coping

Sandstone Natural HQ Coping Profiles
Sandstone Honed HQ Coping Profiles
Sandstone Desert HQ Coping Profiles

Porcelain Coping

Ash Marblano® Coping profiles
Ash Marblano®
Jupiter Coping profilesJupiterCoconut Drift Coping profiles
Coconut Drift
Latte Marblano® Coping profiles
Latte Marblano®
Nero Porcellano® Coping profiles
Nero Porcellano®
Pluto Coping profiles

Sand Drift Coping profiles
Sand Drift
Venus Coping profiles
Carrara Marblano® Coping profiles
Carrara Marblano®
Mercury Porcelain Coping profiles
Mercury Porcelain
Meteor Granito Coping profiles
Meteor Granito
Cosmos Granito Coping profiles
Cosmos Granito
Oak TileDeck Coping
Oak TileDeck
Beige TileDeck Coping
Beige TileDeck
Silver Elm TileDeck Coping
Silver Elm TileDeck
Dark Elm TileDeck Coping
Dark Elm TileDeck

In general, bullnose coping profiles, with their curved appearance, are ideal for more traditional projects.
Square edge coping profiles are popular for use in more contemporary settings.
Most of our coping options also have matching external corner pieces where the profile is on two joining edges. This negates the need for a mitred grout joint at the pool's corners.
For each stone tile and paver that we supply you can find the standard pool coping profiles and sizes available on their individual product pages.

Illustrated below are examples of our most popular profiles.

Bullnose and square edge coping in flat and rebated profiles.
You have many choices when selecting coping. Flat 20mm coping is the most economical. Rebated in 40mm and 100m faces give a thicker more substantial look.

Custom sizes for renovations
Older pools often require non-standard sized coping pieces. We can have our factories custom make just about any size or profile you could imagine. So rather than tiling your pool with incorrectly sized tiles we can supply pieces that are made to measure so you will minimize grout lines. This will enable you achieve an up to date look to bring your tired old pool back to looking new and up to date.

We developed a deep coping profile called Grande. It is 100mm on the front face. Like all our coping pieces the dimensions are customizable. Grande yields a really solid look and may remove the need for waterline tiles.

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