Meshless® system for sheeting tiles

The Pool Tile Company's new Meshless® technology is a state of the art tile sheeting system that the swimming pool tile industry has needed for decades.

Supplied on the Meshless® system.

Supplied on the Meshless® system.

Each mosaic piece is joined to the next with polyurethane that will not re-emulsify in water.

This means that our Meshless® sheeting system will help hold the tiles in place even if insufficient tile adhesive is under a tile.

The glue pattern and quantity of the sheeting system is designed to provide adequate open area of glass in line with AS 3958.1 2007 PART 1.

This will ensure that the mosaics are able to be held in place by the tiler’s adhesive and grout.

The polyurethane Meshless® adhesive is also resistant to colour change when immersed in water and exposed to UV light.

Furthermore, there is no residue from adhesive on the face of the tiles as there often is with paper faced mosaics.

You will notice that minimal polyurethane protrudes into the grout joint.

Supplied on the Meshless® system.

Superior Meshless® solution.

This means that our Meshless® system will not have problems with grout breaking down or falling out which can occur with the silicon dot system.

The grout joint is set at 2mm, this is the perfect size for pools as the joints remain wide enough when the sheets are laid into the floor to wall joint.

The advantages of this Meshless® system substantially reduce installation issues and ensure that our mosaics are suitable for use in swimming pools, spas and other areas where mosaics are submerged in water.

We offer a wide range of stunning colours and blends relevant to the swimming pool market that caters for everyone’s tastes.

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