Ceramic Pictures

Pictures are a great way to personalise your pool. Here are a few ideas for motifs for the bottom of your pool or feature wall. If you have a particular design in mind but can’t see it here, please give us a call and we’ll help you to achieve what you’re looking for. Please also look at the Glass Mosaic Pictures under the ‘Glass Tiles’ section. Glass offers far more colours to choose from than ceramics.

Design Tip:
Normally you match the tiles used in your picture to match the tiles used in the rest of the pool. For example, if you use ceramic tiles in the waterline, it looks best if you use ceramic tiles in your picture.

Beach Ball 0.25mHx0.25mL (Ready-made)
Clown Fish orange 0.12mHx0.20mL (Ready-made)
Blue Crab 0.15mHx0.18mL (Ready-made)
Tan Crab 0.15mHx0.18mL (Ready-made)
Dolphin blue Down 0.96mHx0.60mL (Ready-made)
Dolphin blue No Curve 0.48mHx1.05mL (Ready-made)
Dolphin blue Up 0.90mHx0.70mL (Ready-made)
Dolphin, Jumping shadow blue 0.55mHx1.05mL (Ready-made)
Dolphin, Diving shadow blue 0.80mHx1.05mL
View sample pools
Dolphin, Twin blue 0.60mHx1.45mL (Ready-made)

Gecko Blue Baby (Facing Right)
0.10mHx0.15mL (Ready-made) $72/ea

Gecko Blue Small (Facing Left)
0.15mHx0.25mL (Ready-made) $120/ea
Gecko Brown Baby (Facing Right)
0.10mHx0.15mL (Ready-made) $72/ea
Gecko Brown Small (Facing Left)
0.15mHx0.25mL (Ready-made) $120/ea
Marlin Fish 2.0mHx1.4mL (Ready-made)
Mermaid blue with blonde hair 1.4mHx0.75mL (Ready-made)
$2,040 *limited stock available
Palm Tree 1.35mHx0.89mL (Ready-made)
Desert Sun brown 0.60mHx0.60mL (Ready-made)
Striped Reef Fish in Blue, Green Red 0.1mHx0.15mL (Ready-made)
Seagrass 0.41mHx1.25mL (Ready-made)
*limited stock available


Shark 0.95mHx1.05mL (Ready-made)
Starfish - coral, dark blue, green, light blue and tan 0.12mHx0.12mL (Ready-made)
*limited stock available
Starfish tan 0.22mHx0.22mL (Ready-made)
*limited stock available
Tang Fish yellow 0.10mHx0.12mL (Ready-made)
Tang Regal 0.12mHx0.23mL (Ready-made)
*limited stock available
Turtle Green Topview
Large- 0.55mHx0.55mL (Ready-made)

Turtle Green Topview
Medium - 0.40mHx0.40mL (Ready-made)

Turtle Green Topview
Small - 0.22mHx0.22mL (Ready-made)

Turtle Green Topview
Baby - 0.18mHx0.20mL (Ready-made)

Eight Point Compass 0.90mHx0.90mL (Ready-made)
$POA *limited stock available

Light Accent 0.70mHx1.05mL (Ready-made)
$984 *limited stock available

Dolphin Medallion 0.90mHx0.90mL (Ready-made)

Masterpiece Medallion 1.05mHx1.05mL (Ready-made)

Orca 2.0mL
$2,000 View sample pools

Sailfish 1.35mHx1.25mL (Ready-made)
*limited stock available


Ceramic Mosaic Murals - Handcut
Products Size Price
Miscellaneous Animal* 0.3 metre long $450.00 each
Miscellaneous Animal* 0.5 metre long $750.00 each
Miscellaneous Animal* 1.0 metre long $1,000.00 each
Miscellaneous Animal* 1.5 metre long $1,500.00 each
Miscellaneous Animal* 2.0 metre long $2,000.00 each
(All animals are priced based on the size)    
Loggerhead Turtle 1.0 metre long $1,500.00 each
* Miscellaneous Animal = Dolphin, Starfish, Seahorse, Angel Fish, Basic Turtle, etc.
Ready Made Ceramic Mosaic Pictures (Colours and shapes cannot be changed)
Products Size Price
Twin Dolphins Facing Right or Left 1.15mL x 0.55mH $600.00 each
Single Dolphin Facing Right or Left 1.0mL x 0.9mH $600.00 each

The colours shown here should be used as a guide only. All computer monitors vary and hence the colours will vary depending on the monitor on which they are viewed. For a more accurate indication of colours, ask your pool builder to show you tile samples.
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