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Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® 10mm

Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® 10mm

Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® is another progeny in our extended porcelain family. Although inheriting its lavish travertine-look, with a gorgeous mix of off-white, creamy beige and soft silver veins from Coastal Cream Travertino, Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® in softer and lighter in colour. With its winning lineage, Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® is destined for great success. 

Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® porcelain tiles are hard, dense and durable, making them very resistant to staining. What’s more, the colour variation in the tiles hides marks in between cleans.

GRIPPA® is a smooth, non-slip finish developed for customers who would like to have 10mm tiles for both internal and external areas and is the ideal solution for tiling an alfresco area. The finish is smooth to touch and safe when wet. When dry, it has a slip rating of P2 like any other honed finish tile. The grip finish is activated when wet and it can achieve a minimum rating of P4 meaning it meets the minimum slip rating required for pool surrounds.

*Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® 10mm  does not match Shoreline Travertino 20mm coping and tiles exactly but the two products blend very well. The print and tone is slightly different but is in line with the usual variations that occur in stone and porcelain. We recommend using the Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® 10mm on the alfresco areas and then using the Shoreline Travertino 20mm tiles for surrounds and coping as they have a higher slip rating.

Note:  GRIPPA® is a registered trademark of The Pool Tile Company Pty Ltd.

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Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA


Minimal maintenance is required for Stone-look, non-slip porcelain tiles! NO ongoing sealing required. Porcelain’s dense surface absorbs very little moisture, so spills that might seep into another material and cause a stain, can easily be wiped up with a damp cloth or hosed off. Shoreline Travertino GRIPPA® (Smooth Non-Slip) generally only needs to be swept and cleaned with water and a mild detergent regularly.

Learn more about how to care for your porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles do not need sealing due to having little to no porosity. However, some people choose to seal their porcelain. Please ensure you use an appropriate ‘porcelain specific’ penetrating sealer. We recommend seeking assistance from John Tindale from Stone Clean and Seal for advice before sealing your porcelain.
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