Glass Patterned Borders

A Decorative Waterline Border will provide the finishing touch for your setting. Choose to either match or contrast your paving or interior colour. A tiled waterline protects your investment and makes cleaning easy.

Lake Como Mid-Blue $45/lin m (Depth is 240mm)
Kirra $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Noosa $45/lin m (Depth is 218mm)
Noosa Pearl $45/lin m (Depth is 218mm)
DJs Light Blue $45/lin m (Depth is 218mm)

DJs Mid Blue $45/lin m (Depth is 218mm)

DJ's Indian Blue $45/lin m (Depth is 260mm)
DJs Indian Blue & Mid Blue $45/lin m (Depth is 218mm)
Monaco Black & White $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Monaco Blue & White $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Waterfall $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Ocean $45/lin m (Depth is 240mm)
Greek Key Black and White $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Tide $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Greek Key Black Gold & White $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Greek Key Black Gold & Copper $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Azure Blue & White Crystal Diamond $50/lin m (Depth is 174mm)
Greek Key Blue and White $45/lin m (Depth is 196mm)
Graphite & White Crystal Diamond $50/lin m
(Depth is 174mm)
Mediterranean Blue &White Crystal Diamond $50/lin m
(Depth is 174mm)
Paros POA*
Eros POA *
Aztec Blue POA*
Crystal POA *
Black Gold & Copper Checker* $45/lin m (Depth is 218mm)

*Limited stock. Please check stock availability.

With so many colour combinations to choose from every taste will be satisfied. You can even devise your own colour scheme and patterns. Simply specify each and our mosaic artists will put it together for you. Some of the tiles below could be laid as they are or turned 180 degrees if desired.

The same tiles can be used on feature walls or as step marker tiles. Two rows of glass mosaic tiles are often used as a safety feature in pools to indicate the edges of steps, swim outs and benches to assist with depth perception when entering or leaving the pool.

The tiles are glued to mesh in the specified pattern ready for the tiler to install. Fixing is easy for both straight and curved, concrete and fibreglass pools.

Disclaimer: The colours shown here should be used as a guide only. All computer monitors vary and hence the colours will vary depending on the monitor on which they are viewed. For a more accurate indication of colours, ask your pool builder to show you tile samples.

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