GCR330Amalfi crystal glass blend mosaic pool tile
NameAmalfi Crystal Pearl Blend 20mm
DescriptionDon’t dream your life, live your dream with this sublime blend of Light Green Pearl, Sky Blue Pearl and Sky Blue Crystal mosaics.
As a waterline tile, it is at its finest when combined with light blue, light aqua or sky blue water colours and is able to lift most coping edges to the next level. When used to fully tile, it will dance in the sunlight and glow in the moonlight.
Live the sweet life with Amalfi!
La Dolce Vita!
Tile Size20 x 20 x 4mm
Sheet Size327 x 327 x 4mm
AvailabilityIn Stock
DeliveryAustralia wide despatched daily (find out more about our reasonable freight costs).

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