GC425 Onyx glass mosaic pool tile
 GC425 Onyx  GC425 Onyx Fully tiled spa in GC425 Onyx Fully tiled spa in GC425 Onyx
DescriptionMore bang for your buck!
Onyx is a modern, moody and affluent-looking tile which blends Black Glass, Charcoal Pearl and a black patterned glass tile called Black Sea. It features swirls of dark blues, silvers and bronzes. It will look a million bucks with any water colour and most coping edges. The Charcoal Pearl provides a mirrored effect, reflecting the water colour along the waterline. Money can't buy you love my friend but it can buy you the next best thing - Onyx!
Tile Size20 x 20 x 4mm
Sheet Size327 x 327 x 4mm
AvailabilityIn Stock

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